Technology Killing Resistance

I’ve been warning for quite a while that technology is one part of the noose tightening about the neck of serious resistance.  Here in the DC area we are getting license plate readers installed on many vehicles.  There are stationary units on the way.

We have speed cameras at every school zone.  We have redlight cameras at most intersections.

Technology can tie all of these devices together.

And it gets worse daily.

Sure, there are workarounds.  But they grow fewer and more complex by the day.

Orwell was an optimist.  We won’t even talk about the number of American FSA folks who will See Something & Say Something.

Here’s the story.



One thought on “Technology Killing Resistance

  1. ALWAYS in the name of the benevolent government helping the poor stupid masses out..

    “it's good for you!” “Here, eat this 9MM round. It will cure your headache!!!”

    I like how in the story they use the “catch the bad gunman quickly” lead in. Wait, I thoughts guns were illegal in DC????”


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