Real Patriots Only: Consider

The Trail of Tears.  Right, wrong or otherwise, we told a group of people who did not wish to live as we lived to take a walk or die.

Fast forward to 2011 – and leave the Indians out of the discussion, please.

We Patriots are overrun with genetic garbage (called Establishment R’s, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, the Left, the FSA) These people demand that it is within their Rights to take the fruit of your labor from you and do with it what they choose.  They extend this belief to your children, born and unborn.  They simply do not respect the boundaries of Jeffersonian Liberty.

I call these people the Enemies of Liberty.

I have called several times for getting these people out of CONUS.  We can not coexist.

As I articulated in my column ABC (here) we have the resources to get this herd of Enemies of Liberty moving from our country, so that we may once again live in genuine personal Liberty without their meddlesome interference.

You and I would be happier if they lived anywhere but here.

Please don’t bother me with any malum in se arguments.  If Patriots force these people to leave, it is self defense, because the Enemies of Liberty are already behaving immorally, evilly and with malice toward your innate, unalienable Right to Liberty.

It can be done.  You know how to make your neighbor leave the neighborhood.  You probably know how to encourage him to leave the State.

Tell me why Patriots can not agree to make our Enemies of Liberty simply leave?



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