TL: We need a PatriotCon

Update from Kerodin:  If you do not have the balls to pledge your life, fortune and sacred honor, please do not waste TL’s time.  Several of us in this community have taken hits from LEO and FedGov, they keep coming, and this is no game.  You may think this sort of thing is not for you: Fair enough.  You may have logistical issues getting away or covering expenses: Fair enough. ’nuff said.

Go add your thoughts.

TL still wants a face-to-face with serious Patriots.

I know the vast majority of you remained silent on the issue when raised recently – and of the 80 or so (a very small percentage of the readers to this blog & who chose to take part in a poll on the matter, we had an 80%+ favorable rate.

I get both sides of the argument.  I also understand that finances and logisitics are issues.  Both of those issues can be worked out, if we get serious about it.

Quantity isn’t the standard.  A few serious men is worth a million Keyboard Commandos.

You decide if it is right for you, and weigh in over at TL’s place.

Here’s the link.



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