A serious question for my Patriot allies…

I posted a quick piece below on targeting the sphenoid in combat.

I am very good at CQB, and I say that with absolute confidence and without a trace of Ego. 

It is what it is.  I have earned a living with my skills, they are not simply dojo-dances.

A few years ago I created a very hardcore series of techniques for a crash-course in how to prevail in the ugliest circumstances.  This core skill-set was developed with the female in mind (finesse rather than brute strength), though it will work for any man alive who is serious about living through a deathfight.

This core skill-set is an eclectic mix – you will not find this program offered anywhere else in the world, in any dojo or military.

These days I help pay my bills by working with my wife to publish books.

My question to my Patriot allies: If we (my wife and I) invest the time and resources to building a book around these core techniques, is this a book you’d be interested in purchasing?  I would deliberately structure the book for all of the men in the audience so they can learn from the book, as well as to use the book as a teaching manual for your Tribe.

Brutal honesty: By the time we invest in models (participants in the shooting of the book) the time, et cetera, I’ll need to sell at least 1,000 units to break even at a $10 price point.

And folks: My feelings are NOT going to be hurt if the answer is no.  I’d rather just not invest the time if there is no interest or need.

Would anyone be interested in such a book?  




15 thoughts on “A serious question for my Patriot allies…

  1. I'd get one in the $10-$15 range. I think that collapse will be a lot of CQ action before it becomes long range. I haven't had the cash laying around for “proper” training in any discipline.


  2. I would too. And I have a LOT of martial arts buddies who are sick of having to wade through the flowery bullshit and would like to simply learn some things that work in a brutal and quick fashion.


  3. I'd love that so count me in. It'd be even better if you include other skills, such as how to take the “Nodes” idea to the next level – similar to Dach's “Total Resistance” for the Swiss. Few of us have your background and could use the help in the action category. For education purposes only, of course…


  4. Thanks to all, folks.

    We'll get working on it and we'll keep the price point at about $10.

    Thanks for helping us identify that there is a need for such a manual.

    And let me take this opportunity to prod you all one more time: Find a Krav Maga school and devote six months to serious training – it will serve you well. Gals, too. Krav is girl-friendly.



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