Texas PatCom

The folks at Tactical Firearms have supported Bill’s efforts for his event.

If you live in the area, you should consider supporting them, too.

Here is the post at Bill’s Place.



2 thoughts on “Texas PatCom

  1. Bill,

    Thank you, sir – but please do not send in a donation. You are pulling more than your share, already. I wish the donations were coming in faster/bigger so I had time to help get a few more Patriots to your event.

    I know you dropped your III tags, and I understand why…but I'll be sending a few patches your way. To me III is a state of mind, earned by any Patriot who truly has the mettle to stand with the likes of John Parker.

    You are a solid example of what III means in my world.

    Stay safe, and I hope your event is a success.



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