TL: Liberty Summit Location Vote

From TL:

I have established a poll under the MORE! tab at the top of the meetup page.

Let’s start working on where since I will not be able to firm up solid dates until Mid January due to work related issues. I don’t get weekends, I work steady and then have some time off, but when working there is little or no way to be absent with a serious illness in the family, if that.

So, the areas suggested so far have been Kentucky (which I am not partial to necessarily) Pennsylvania near the Ohio border, Vermont and Wyoming.

Vermont and Wyoming have good gun laws, exceptional support from the government in Wyoming, at least the Constitutional Sheriffs there. Vermont offers some security for our get together.

Kentucky and Pennsylvania have a central location aspect that is hard to overcome, not central to the United States, but central to the population. There is a lot of territory in the Western states, but very few inhabitants.

Please indicate your decision in the new poll on the main meetup page under the MORE! tab. 


Here’s the link.



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