Cohesion in the Patriot Community

Cohesion has been noted as a key missing ingredient in our Community.

We intend to help with that problem.

TL & Bill are working hard to put together Summits for III folks, Patriots who find much in common with John Parker and those at his shoulder.

For those of you who have already helped support our III to Liberty book project, you’ll receive a III patch, (like in the pic, above) from us in the near future.  Sorry that it won’t make it before Christmas, but we tried. 

It would be a big help if folks would Tweet and otherwise spread the word about this effort.

Read about this effort for cohesion at, here.



6 thoughts on “Cohesion in the Patriot Community

  1. Cohesion is sorely needed amongst those of us with a like mind. But it's a bit like herding cats. Independents are… Independent! But we need to set that aside for the bigger picture of Freedom. In Freedom lies our common bond.


  2. Herding cats or not, unless and until the community decides to set aside its ego, subordinate itself to the concept of organization and discipline, and begins to employ OPSEC and COMSEC, cohesion, let alone productive movement toward Restoration, will, unfortunately not occur.

    To that end, all other things must be secondary.

    Remember the great objective: Restore the Constitution as ratified in 1789 and amended with the Bill of Rights in 1791.


  3. Thanks thus far to everyone who has supported this effort. Please keep it coming. We'd really like to help cover the expenses for several Patriots to make it to TL's event.



  4. I have my passenger/coach bus endorsement. I would be glad to offer to pilot such to TLs event wherever it ends up.
    Pooling limited resources together so all who wanted to go would be a viable option in renting a bus,and further cement that group to one another in traveling to the Summit. You know how to reach me!



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