Feds gunning for Arpaio

The Feds want Sheriff Arpaio gone.  He’s harshing their mellow, man.

My guess: There will come a time in our near future when your local authorities reign supreme once more.  Your mayor, Sheriff, city council, et cetera, will be the people looking out for their AO with the most influence. 

Make the most of those times, Patriots, if you live in an AO that doesn’t have a patriotic leadership…

Here’s the story.



One thought on “Feds gunning for Arpaio

  1. Related to Constitutionally obedient sheriff's, here's their organization that should be shotgunned to all county sheriffs in the country. At least, when they refuse, we'll know who's who and what's what.

    From what I understand, they are positioning themselves to help Arpaio.



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