Why Texas? Let me count the ways…

Texas is probably the most prepared single state for secession and self-sufficiency.

First: They have Bill Nye.  He gets it.

They have oil, gas, ports…

Read this from Brock’s place, here.



5 thoughts on “Why Texas? Let me count the ways…

  1. Oh, I don't think it can ever happen without a full Implosion. Texas is just as infested with pathetic politicians as the rest of the republic. But from an infrastructure and manpower and geographic set of perspectives, they have a good shot of surviving if they can get the politicians out of the way and the South-of-the-Border folks back across the river.

    Even then, it would only be a short-term independence, I am convinced. There is not a single superpower with a geographic footprint the size of Texas, and there never will be. To remain independent they would have to expand, go into the business of Empire, which always leads to another implosion.

    I remain convinced that the only genuine hope for Jeffersonian Liberty is to evict the Enemies of Liberty and keep CONUS intact, with a set of strong states and a weak Federal. This time, we need to follow Jefferson and reject the Hamiltonian mistakes.



  2. AP – We folded like a cheap suit. That much is undeniable. It's embarrassing. It's infuriating. I'm pissed, still, at the State government for not standing up for us and more than pissed at FedGov for bullying us. I wish I could say that all the folks who went weak in the knees in the Senate (and then the second time around in both houses) were facing primary challenges, or palpable voter anger, but I don't know any of that for certain. I still need to talk to my Representative about how things went down. She says she strongly supported it. I tend to believe her. David Simpson of Longview can be relied upon, I think, to keep the issue alive, but it will be 2013 before our Legislature meets again. There might not be much left at that point. I consider anything past the 4th Quarter of 2012 to be Terra Incognita.

    I still find it puzzling that it was so strongly supported in the House, then sand-bagged in the Senate, then less strongly supported in the House during the special session, even after I and my fellow Texans made the effort to get it added to the Special Session calendar. I don't expect unanimity from Texans any more than I expect unanimity from Baptists, so when unanimity happens, that says something important. I just don't if if they all voted for it at first because they knew it would never pass (that is, as a risk-free way to score points with the voters) or if they all actually believed that what the TSA has been doing must stop. Hopefully the TSA thing will be a major issue in the Gubernatorial campaign, since Dewhurst, the sitting Lt Gov, is running for the Governor's mansion.


  3. A Reader: It is refreshing to find someone else among us who still pays attention to the political front, especially at the State/Local level, and who finds potential there.

    The moment we abandon the political front or disregard its importance, we lose.




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