Battlefield USA

From Curtis.

Watch it.  I don’t care if you don’t understand…I do.




6 thoughts on “Battlefield USA

  1. The second video…

    Holy Jesus forgive me, but I find myself wanting to mag-dump…right after I puke.

    How can one human being do that to another?

    I can see killing quickly to defend me and mine, but to slice and saw and torture?

    Maybe I'm not cut out for this after all…


  2. And the worst part, which Curtis so perfectly pointed out, is how those who know they are going to be next just lie there waiting.

    Not me. I'm not that guy.

    But that is what our enemies have in store for us if we fail to obey.



  3. And the knife-boys are so sure and careless. Plenty of chances to ruin their day in a “who'se the bitch now?” kind of way. I know – talk is cheap…


  4. There is actually 4 video's of this atrocity. spetsnaz caught up with these people. I can assure you they did much much worse to them. And by the way, if you ever run into any spetsnaz in the future… just tell them everything if you are caught… you'll save yourself some hurt. Because you will talk.


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