Attorney General will only leave on his terms…

There is a new report that 90 Congressmen have signed onto a No Confidence resolution regarding Attorney General Holder.  Wow, that’s gotta hurt, huh?

You think this is news that matters?

How many R’s in the House?  And only 90 signed up?  What does that tell you?

Many folks in our community are throwing up their hands, confused by the fact that the Attorney General still holds his office, in light of GunWalker, Black Panthers, et cetera.

I would suggest that anyone who doesn’t understand is really not up to speed on the polygonal battlespace.

To your mind Holder is behaving badly.

To the Enemies of Liberty, he is doing his job…very well.

In a “typical” D Administration, Eric Holder would have already been thrown under the bus.

But if you haven’t yet figured out that this is not a “typical” D Administration, I can’t help you.

These people are waging a war.  They are fighting for the ideals in which they believe.  They are not fighting merely for power or riches. They are fighting for ideology.

And they are winning, easily.

They will not sacrifice an effective Battlefield General until moving him to another part of the war front is advantageous for Them.  They do not give a whit about your timeline or your offended sensibilities. 

Eric Holder will leave the DoJ when he is darned good and ready.  He will not leave as a battered man under a cloud of guilt.  He will leave to where he can be more effective.  His replacement will have a very hard time living up to the image the Left has of Holder.  He is a hero in their eyes.

Anyone who thinks Patriots have won a single grain of sand if Eric Holder steps down is simply not fighting on the same field as is the Left.

Here’s the story about the 90 “brave” R’s who don’t like him.



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