End a fight

Humans have a carotid on either side of the neck.  If you don’t know where it is just feel for the pulse 2-3 inches to either side of the trachea.

Just above the pulse the carotid turns into the internal carotid.

The internal carotid has baroreceptors.  These are little widgets that send an emergency signal to shut down bloodflow to the brain when they get rattled.

A moderate or strong strike to the carotid or slightly above will shock the baroreceptors into doing their job, and the bad guy will suffer an immediate drop in bloodflow to the brain. 

That’s bad for him, m’kay.

If you can get a choke in place and shut down the bloodflow, great.  But sometimes the bad guy just doesn’t cooperate.  In most CQB fights you will have several opportunities to slip a good punch or knife edge strike (the ridge of your hand, either the index finger edge or the pinky edge) and shock that part of his neck.  Hit it good, and he’ll get loopy, quick.

Then, do what you will.  Obviously, this is dangerous.  Don’t hit your training partner here with any force.  For educational purposes only.  Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.  I can’t think of any more disclaimers right now. 

Update: Kenny reminds that we should never run with scissors…



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