Oleg: Webley MKI

Most of you know that my wife and I own a small, boutique publishing house.  We work with fashion models, artists, and serious photographers routinely for our projects.

So it is with a professional eye that I can tell you that Oleg’s work is first class.  You already know that just by looking at his work.  We have a few projects in the queue for 2012 and I hope we can include Oleg, it will take us to another level.

And, he likes the Webley.  I think the Webley, particularly the WG, is one of the most attractive revolvers ever built.

Click here to see a fabulous image he created with a Webley, themed to Lawrence of Arabia.

Outstanding work.



3 thoughts on “Oleg: Webley MKI

  1. Webley's are a unique gun. They have the hard straight lines, but at the same time they have the round sensual curve of the grip & trigger guard.

    They are from time when firearms were works of art, not just tools.

    And yes Oleg's work is outstanding, not matter what he shoots. I hope he can do some work for you.


  2. Outstanding work.

    Absolutely, never a speck of dust on his pictures. Just amazes me. You may see Dixie in one of his photos as we are going to visit him after she comes out at the SCV Convention next year which is in Murfreesboro.


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