III Percent of Idaho: Official Press Release


October 14, 2015

On October 18 2015, the III% of Idaho will be holding a march against the Refugee Program in Twin Falls, Idaho. Our intention is to voice the grievances, pitfalls, and security risks the dragnet refugee programs pose to Idaho communities. In Idaho, the amount of homeless Veterans going untreated continues to increase. The number of college students slipping into crippling debt is staggering. Idaho officials and administrators are continuing to dump resources into expanding a broken refugee program, rather than come to the aid of those already suffering, and already a citizen. The following is an outline for the march and why these programs must be halted immediately.
• Incoming refuges are not run against a foreign database to confirm positive identities because no such database exists. A majority of refugees are coming directly from Islamic terrorism hotbeds, the inherent security risk to our communities is immeasurable.
• Refugees rely mainly on government services for their livelihoods. This puts undue stress on already over-burdened social services. Tax dollars should serve Idaho citizens, homeless, veterans, and students before giving preferential treatment to incoming refugees.
• To see the passage of H.R. 3314 (resettlement Accountability National Security Act). This prohibits the acceptance of all refugees until Congress grants DHS the authority to do so. By doing so it will also prompt a thorough investigation of the refugee admission process.
• The refugee program cannot be entirely halted at the state level due to a federal initiative, donations, and volunteer agencies. H.R. 3314 provides a legal avenue to suspend all programs financially, giving entire control over to Congress where more stringent methods of accepting refugees can be adopted.
The refugee program poses a dire threat to our domestic security, economic stability, social, and medical services. The ramifications of ignoring Idaho Veterans, homeless, and students will continue to yield tragic consequences if Idaho tax dollars are shifted into a broken refugee system. Until refuges can be thoroughly filtered, and a more reliable, systematic method of accepting refuges is implemented, we must stand in opposition. The March will begin at 12pm on the northwest corner of Blue Lakes Blvd. and Cheney Drive and end at the College of Southern Idaho Campus Entrance. For those interested in participating, please contact the III% of Idaho for details.

Chris McIntire
Public Information Officer
(208) 318-4951

Website: www.iiipercentidaho.org


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