Operation Mutual Defense

OMD Logo LH    Operation      Mutual      Defense

                         Advisory Board

            Response Coordinator:      Ryan Payne

          Public Relations:                 Gary Hunt

    Research:                              Dennis

                   Planning                                Jon Ritzheimer

         Training:                               Tim Foley


November 10, 2015

Operation Mutual Defense is now an Active Organization

In April 2014, an organization named Operation Mutual Aid (OMA) let out a call for patriots to come to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, to protect the rancher’s family, livestock, and ranch, from threatened Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) efforts seize the livestock in payment for a perceived obligation.

The structure of OMA was determined to be insufficient for effective response, planning, coordination, and organization of the effort required. This led to a division between the two principals of OMA leadership, and the formation of a new organization, Operation Mutual Defense (OMD), anticipating a more rapid and effective response. Additionally, support functions are incorporated in the structure and function of OMD.

The Advisory Board of Operation Mutual Defense, is announcing the commencement of its organization’s website and operation of services to Americans who are in need of assistance, in defense of life, liberty, or property, due to oppressive government overreach that threatens their God given rights.

OMD is a network of volunteers, patriotic citizens, activists and militia, dedicated to furthering a government, by the people, free from oppressive intrusion, overreach and aggression, through training and implementation of established defensive postures, at optimal tactical positions, in relation to the people or property in need.

An additional tier of the OMD organization includes, journalists, logistical and support personnel, and media relations personnel from other patriotic political and activism groups.

OMD observes all local laws, not in violation of the United States and state constitutions, and considers all laws in violation of the United States and state constitutions reasonable cause to coalesce resources to protect and defend citizenry requesting support.

The organization believes in a culture directed by the principles of the Declaration of Independence; to absolve such government of its power, or separate from it to be freed from its oppression. OMD is intended for the defense of the populace from enemies, foreign and domestic. The latter path shall be left to the determination of that populace, and we shall guarantee them the freedom to make that choice, and to assist them, in accordance with man’s God-given Liberty, the ideas espoused in the Declaration of Independence, the constitutions of the several States, the Constitution of United States, and the Bill of Rights, so help us God.

OMD encourages visitors to go to the OMD website (http://www.operationmutualdefense.org) to learn more about its mission and the terms and conditions under which activation occurs. For those interested in following, and perhaps participating, in any OMD event, you may join the OMD mail list from the link on that page.

All inquiries are to be directed to:
Gary Hunt, OMD Public Relations
Email:   public.relations@operationmutualdefense.org


One thought on “Operation Mutual Defense

  1. Browsed your Web site. Impressed with what I saw. You folks appear to be on the ball regarding your awareness of the absolute requirement for portraying a positive public image.
    It would be great if every legitimate militia unit across the USA would leave behind them a park with trash removed or a stretch of roadway without trash infesting the area.

    And your activities regarding slowing/stopping the ongoing invasion of the USA is appreciated by me and many others. A growing number of fellow Americans will appreciate your efforts as the ongoing relentless criminal assaults upon We, the People by illegal alien invaders continues and more people become aware of the perils confronting us individually and the country as a whole.

    I have placed a link to your Web site at my blog to assist folks in finding you. Later I will perform a review and give you a larger inclusion along with a link to your Facebook page and any other social media of yours I can find. Here is a link where the current single link is located (you will have to seek it out) and where the future larger reference will be placed:


    Keep up the good work and kudos for setting a good example that other militias should emulate if they are not doing so already.


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