Christian Yingling: US Navy Vet, Militia ‘Colonel’, Video Wargame ‘Leader’, mealy-mouthed ‘Patriot’…

Here’s the mealy-mouthed bit, when Christian Yingling was pressured by Daffy to choose sides:

hey K, how are you? listen brother… I have been dragged into this feud with you and dodge and it is causing me a huge amount of headaches. he posted a ss of you (or someone on your staff saying something about killing muslims and then pointed out that the light foot are associated with you and share that mindset. I wont question your mindset in saying that because i truly believe you are both trying to do good things despite being at odds with each other. But could you please… at least for the time being remove our name from the site because Im now getting tons of messages asking me if I support killing muslims when i do not. I value your friendship, as I do dodges, but i simply cant be dragged into this feud. I will continue to support your efforts as I will his (not pertaining to each other) but wish to step out from in between you until such time you guys can get this all worked out. I hope you understand. Thanks Brother.

That was August 2015.  You’ll note the friendly (effete, in retrospect) nature of his recusal, no need for me to point it out.  Since this FB exchange, Yingling has been all  over the blogs doing his ‘Yes Boss!’ routine for Daffy.  Not that it matters much – a man who doesn’t have the balls to tell you what he thinks, even across the internet, is hardly a man. (Besides, anyone who declares himself a ‘Leader’, as Yingling does, and subsequently calls Malheur a False Flag – well, he is welcome to as many idiots who choose to follow him.)

What was his problem with the III website?  He didn’t like LT’s position on Muslims.  I obliged his request and removed the militia link.

Anyway, the ‘Colonel’ just sent another FB message:

Keep saying I didn’t serve and you will be on the receiving end of a libel lawsuit. I am a US Navy veteran. This will be your ONLY warning.

I suspect I have remedied his butt-sore in the title of this post.  It seems having served in the Navy (with injuries that were sustained under such circumstances that he is not permitted to discuss them publicly, or, of course, he’d have to kill us…), his extensive fights with depression (per his FB vomit), his daring feats in keeping with the highest standards of the Army – earned in his Wargame video capacity as team leader, having led virtual combat all across the globe in multi-player games, and whatever ‘training’ he has engaged with Daffy Dodge – the King’s Man – as they play White Army Man in the woods together, all obviously qualify him to be the Leader of ground forces, tactical teams, and Men, that he claims to be.  Afterall, even Daffy says Yingling has ‘a couple dozen’ people who look to him for advice.  (That makes one a Colonel, yes?)

So, Christian Yingling,  I do so hope I have clarified the record sufficiently for you.  If not, de-couple from Daffy’s taint and file your suit.

Now, go change your tampon, Buttercup.

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