Project X

There is a lesson here, Patriots: (Be certain to scroll below)

Attacks on Royal Officials and Loyalists

The Loyalists during the American revolution had to faced persecution. Patriots refused to tolerate Loyalists who were active on behalf of the King and called for the king to send forces to destroy the Patriots.

It was at the hands of the mob that senior British officials first suffered attacks. Probably the worst of the revolutionary mobs was that which paraded the streets of Boston. In 1765, at the time of the Stamp Act agitation, large crowds in Boston attacked and destroyed the magnificent houses of Andrew Oliver and Lieutenant Governor Thomas Hutchinson. “They broke down the doors with broadaxes, destroyed the furniture, stole the money and jewels, scattered the books and papers, and, having drunk the wines in the cellar, proceeded to the dismantling of the roof and walls. The owners of the houses barely escaped with their lives.”[citation needed] In 1770, a mob deliberately pelted one unit of British troops with snowballs; the troops opened fire without command, killing five in the Boston Massacre. In 1773, Bostonians, some disguised as Indians, in the famous Boston Tea Party threw tea into Boston harbor in protest of the Tea Act; the tea was ruined but no people were hurt. To teach the colonials a lesson the British Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts, which stripped Massachusetts of its traditional self-rule and sent General Thomas Gage to govern the province.

The anger of the Patriots spread up and down the 13 colonies. In New York they were active in destroying printing-presses from which had issued Tory pamphlets, in breaking windows of private houses, in stealing livestock and personal effects, and in destroying property. A favorite pastime was tarring and feathering ‘obnoxious Tories.’ Recalcitrant Loyalists might be treated to a punishment common ride the rail in painful fashion.

After Yorktown the British were left in control of only one significant stronghold, New York City. It was the main debarkation point for Loyalists leaving America. The British Army remained until November 1783.

III Percent Patriots are seeking 100+ Leaders Across the Country.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Respect for the Constitution & Bill of Rights
  • Ready, willing and able to conduct operations on behalf of Liberty
  • Live within 1/2 tank of fuel of one of the AO’s listed on the map above
  • Able to recruit at least 2 dependable fellow Patriots for your Team
  • Able to operate overtly, covertly and clandestinely as needed
  • Able to maintain OPSEC, COMSEC and PERSEC
  • Willingness to confront Antifa and other Reds/Anarchists
  • Ability to work independently of a hierarchical command structure
  • Willingness to undergo tradecraft training, if needed

These are volunteer positions for American Patriots.

These are not Militia positions, though an ability and willingness to work with responsible members of your local Militias is encouraged.

If you are interested, send an email:

Use a Code Name or Call Sign, we prefer that you DO NOT include your real name.

If you are a member of the III Percent Society, definitely use your assigned Call Sign.

In Liberty.



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