Leslie Appling of Panhandle Texas

So, I receive an email that includes text from a post from down on Welfare Lane.

The post asserts that Leslie Appling  has been “hurt” by something I have done.

Since Leslie has never written to me of any injury, and to be fair, she has not done so even now, I will provide this space to handle any claims she may wish to assert.  We’ll do so publicly, for the record.  I’ll contact her directly to invite her to this space.

Standard rules of discourse apply: Facts are fine, gratuitous assertions from the uninformed will be as gratuitously ignored.

Maybe it’s you…


Meet Starvin’ Larry Harbert from Ohio – a cook who becomes a handyman and tries to teach cooking – and fails.

Maybe it’s you, Larry.  Patriots see your petty attempts at back-stabbing, your two-faced behaviors – and they want nothing to do with you, aside from whatever online amusement you provide.

You are a sad little man, behaving one way in email and another in public.  Pathetic.

And don’t think you suddenly matter – I have a few minutes to kill and an ally sent the below graphic.  Otherwise, I would have never known about your failures.

Next time you find yourself lying awake at night thinking of me – which is probably every night – be brave and ask yourself how a supposed ‘Patriot’ as you claim to be, finds so much to admire in state-fed parasites such as those found on Welfare Lane and in Daffy’s Bunker.  Don’t bother me with the answer – you’ve been dismissed from consideration as a serious person long ago…


The American Marxist Patriot: Welfare Lane


So, apparently Welfare Lane and his troll went to watch a Commie go into the dirt.

Below is his eulogy, written a while ago.  He had it posted on his site for a LONG time.  At one time Welfare Lane despised Commies and Communism – right up until the time he became one of those very parasites.  He hated Traitors – until he didn’t.

How’s that for Intellectual Honesty?

So ask yourselves – was he lying then, or is he lying now?  (One must wonder if Red Mikey did, in fact, “…drown in his own blood and mucus…” as Kenny hoped.)

Here’s the link.

From Welfare Lane Feb 9, 2014:

Mike Vanderboegh – Traitor

( 4462001176_759f30009a_o
Me and that bitch Mikey have been spatting off and on for the past couple weeks – actually it’s been going for a while longer than that – but lately he did a post about me on his site where he condemns me as a blind follower of Sam Kerodin and then goes on with the help of his commenters to insult me further.
Thank you, Mike. I consider Sam and his wife to be dear friends. Anybody that knows me will know that I’m hard to befriend and that it’s harder for me to trust anybody completely.
For an outsider and piece of shit like yourself to recognize that these are my friends and that I’m willing to die for them is huge, particularly a double traitor (once to your Nation and then again to your marxist subversive party) like yourself.
Mike, your blog was the first III Percenter blog that I ever read. I was fucking amazed that there were others out there that thought the same way I did. I read your blog daily.
Until you got busted for carrying a concealed weapon, that is. Here you were, screaming “Not one more inch” and then to avoid prosecution you went not one more inch but an entire fucking mile – you went and got a Concealed Carry permit. You fucking hypocrite. You, as a self proclaimed “Leader”, should practice what you preach.
It did provide me with some amusement though. When you wrote a comment explaining your actions, you had a commenter that actually said something along the lines “It wasn’t your time to be martyred, Mike. Thank God you’re all right.”
Martyred? Are you fucking kidding me? Not only do you believe you’re Jesus Christ incarnated but apparently some of your readers do too.
I still went back to your site occasionally – I enjoyed your ‘Praxis’ columns especially. Then one day I read on a little further and saw one that you had written stated your past, that you were a marxist and not only that but an active marxist. You helped in the planning of acts of violence against the American people. You helped to supply weapons for these acts. You were a fucking traitor to your Nation. A traitor to your Nation…..
Let me tell you something, motherfucker. If you were a traitor before, you can become one again. So you wonder what I base that reasoning on? It’s because you have no fucking values.
What truly amazes me is that you have a large amount of followers that were Vietnam vets. If you mention the name of Jane Fonda to them they will be the first to denounce her for her thoughts, politics and actions, yet they worship the ground you walk on.
What you did was far worse than what Fonda did. She was merely a propaganda tool. Your actively took part in an effort to destroy this Nation. You influenced young minds. You encouraged them to continue their ways. You were worse than Fonda ever dreamed to be but now you expect to be forgiven because you changed your ways.
That doesn’t mean shit to me because if you’ve changed them once before, you’ll change them again.
Not only did you betray your Nation, you have done your damnedest to discredit other Patriots in their endeavors to achieve happiness and Freedom. You have lied about them, you have slandered them and you have attacked their wives and associates online. Why? Because you weren’t getting any credit for it.
So now it’s my understanding that you’re dying of cancer. I watched my beloved father die of cancer. Unlike your cowardly ass, his was the result of Agent Orange, exposed to it while serving his Nation, not attempting to destroy it.
But I stayed at his bedside, holding his hand, doing my best to help ease him into his Savior’s arms. It was hard, listening to him fight his final battle, hearing his breath rattle in his throat and I prayed for a quick, merciful ending.
But you, Mikey? I hope you die a long drawn out death. I hope like hell you drown in your own blood and mucus. I hope you pay for your crimes, your treachery and your evil deeds.
Fuck you.
Oh, wait. I almost forgot to include this clip of one of your followers heaving a rock
through the window of a democratic headquarters window at your command.
Gif mikey
Kenny Lane
Ceres, CA.
FOCKer of the nth degree.

Christian Yingling: US Navy Vet, Militia ‘Colonel’, Video Wargame ‘Leader’, mealy-mouthed ‘Patriot’…

Here’s the mealy-mouthed bit, when Christian Yingling was pressured by Daffy to choose sides:

hey K, how are you? listen brother… I have been dragged into this feud with you and dodge and it is causing me a huge amount of headaches. he posted a ss of you (or someone on your staff saying something about killing muslims and then pointed out that the light foot are associated with you and share that mindset. I wont question your mindset in saying that because i truly believe you are both trying to do good things despite being at odds with each other. But could you please… at least for the time being remove our name from the site because Im now getting tons of messages asking me if I support killing muslims when i do not. I value your friendship, as I do dodges, but i simply cant be dragged into this feud. I will continue to support your efforts as I will his (not pertaining to each other) but wish to step out from in between you until such time you guys can get this all worked out. I hope you understand. Thanks Brother.

That was August 2015.  You’ll note the friendly (effete, in retrospect) nature of his recusal, no need for me to point it out.  Since this FB exchange, Yingling has been all  over the blogs doing his ‘Yes Boss!’ routine for Daffy.  Not that it matters much – a man who doesn’t have the balls to tell you what he thinks, even across the internet, is hardly a man. (Besides, anyone who declares himself a ‘Leader’, as Yingling does, and subsequently calls Malheur a False Flag – well, he is welcome to as many idiots who choose to follow him.)

What was his problem with the III website?  He didn’t like LT’s position on Muslims.  I obliged his request and removed the militia link.

Anyway, the ‘Colonel’ just sent another FB message:

Keep saying I didn’t serve and you will be on the receiving end of a libel lawsuit. I am a US Navy veteran. This will be your ONLY warning.

I suspect I have remedied his butt-sore in the title of this post.  It seems having served in the Navy (with injuries that were sustained under such circumstances that he is not permitted to discuss them publicly, or, of course, he’d have to kill us…), his extensive fights with depression (per his FB vomit), his daring feats in keeping with the highest standards of the Army – earned in his Wargame video capacity as team leader, having led virtual combat all across the globe in multi-player games, and whatever ‘training’ he has engaged with Daffy Dodge – the King’s Man – as they play White Army Man in the woods together, all obviously qualify him to be the Leader of ground forces, tactical teams, and Men, that he claims to be.  Afterall, even Daffy says Yingling has ‘a couple dozen’ people who look to him for advice.  (That makes one a Colonel, yes?)

So, Christian Yingling,  I do so hope I have clarified the record sufficiently for you.  If not, de-couple from Daffy’s taint and file your suit.

Now, go change your tampon, Buttercup.

LEO Adapting

**If you are getting ‘Access Denied’ errors from these links to Fox, please let me know.**

As mentioned in an earlier post – OpFor will adapt.

One ‘expert’ suggests counter-snipers at the next Dallas event, for instance.

Here’s the piece.

And I love the phrase ‘unlawful protest’ as used in this piece.

Remember, folks – there is no permit available for recovering your Liberty.

It will be an ‘unlawful protest’…

Our Fathers Weep: It’s the Constitution, Stupid!


As relevant today as when published in 2010.

“Any person in America who violates or infringes the Constitutional and Natural Rights of any American, or who facilitates such violations, whether directly or indirectly, is an Enemy of Liberty and guilty of Treason.”

Order your copy from Amazon, here.

Order your autographed copy, here.

Best. Gun. Salesman. Ever.

Year over Year sales increased more than 15% according to May 2016 stats.

People are arming at historic rates.  While most new sales are not first-time firearm buyers, there is a general sense among many gun owners that they may, at some point, need to provide a friend or neighbor with a weapon.

Here’s the piece.

Don’t forget our Forward Observation Post, here.

Standing Orders

Standing Orders of the III Percent:

I: Stand your ground…

II: Do not fire unless fired upon…

III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)…

IV: When war is begun, go find something Evil and kill it…

V: Traitors first…

The other day I read a piece that I chose not to link, essentially because it was lightweight work.  But the author, a young Republican, was dismayed at the violence on display surrounding 2016 politics.  The statement that struck me from the author was ‘There is no historical basis for violence in American politics.‘  More...

Alabama Sucker…

Wants to be this…What_Dodge_Wannabe

Is this : Man-boobs included.  But, ‘He ain’t got time to bleed.’


We know who the tick is, and we know who he’s sucking…

…fuckin’ wannabe ‘trainer’.  Badmouths Mosby and Max, trains ‘Competitive Military Gamer‘ ‘Pennsylvania Militia’ (No shit!) free just so he can claim ‘Trainer’ status, promises a sooper-dooper training school with DTG – puffs a fart in a hurricane.

Just another racist wannabe SF guy who never made the cut even though he tried…

…because Fail is simply a way of life for some people.