Ah, the intellectual honesty – not…

So, Barry doesn’t approve of White Supremacists who run around the woods playing White Army Man?

I’m always fascinated by people who want to play Army Dress Up. Fascinated, because such people invariably want nothing whatsoever to do with the obligations of duty, discipline, organization, and subordination that go along with the uniform. And never mind that uni means “one,” which means rugged individuals are a menace to the unit.

And I have to ask, “recognizable…” as what?

If you feel a compelling urge to wear Army drag (which you’re not authorized to wear) to be a manly combatant there is simply no hope for you.


You mean, like this Daffy fcuktard?


Butt what can you expect from a Daffy fcuktard who virtue signals over this guy – 

  • They are but not of you and your ilk. After reading some of your blog posts, I realize you and you’re type are a big part of the problem.
    “What we have learned by this past weekends events in Charlottesville is that the Southern man still has some fight left”
    Ok Twatwaffle, here’s the problem. You’re too stuck on the whole “The south will rise again” BS to realize that the good things that were on display at Charlottesville (not much) was from people who were freedom minded (not, “Southern minded”), and had about as much in common with your idea of the “Southern Man”, as you POS slaver ancestors (saw that on your blog) do with Rosie O’Donnell and her assault spoon. They were American’s doing what good Americans do. You might want to look to your goat smellin’, ignorant swamp ass and pull your head out of it. You and your ilk is what will destroy the “right” before they get on a roll. Do us all a favor and stay in your primordial ooze.

Yet permits the same positions remain unchallenged when put forth by the Barry…

Oh, perhaps this is the reason:


…and now you know…