Waste, Fraud & Abuse of Entitlement Programs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Welcome to ‘Welfare Lane’ – where Kenny & Lisa live (they call themselves ‘Patriots’), take your tax dollars claiming ‘disability’, and zip-line for fun!


When Pigs Fly…

And this is a ‘Patriot’ family!  This family claims to be III for fcuk sake!

Let’s look at the checklist for becoming a parasite on society:

  • So fat losing the weight of a healthy teenage boy and you’d STILL need a diet. 
  • Smokes. 
  • Complains of chronic pain. 
  • Takes your tax dollars in Entitlement Benefits.  
  • Feels good enough to zip line for fun.  

Personally, I do not remember any legislation for providing ‘Entitlement’ and welfare benefits for sickly Sows & Cows…

End welfare programs now.

If you are healthy enough to zip-line, you are healthy enough to get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter and get off the taxpayer’s back.

And remember, on Welfare Lane Kenny needs his meds: “I need me my motherfucking mood pills, man. ”  And if he doesn’t get them – violence is the risk: “The world’s gonna be a dangerous place tomorrow, motherfuckers.”

6 thoughts on “Waste, Fraud & Abuse of Entitlement Programs

  1. I don’t think you understand the difference between an entitlement program and a welfare program. Food stamps are welfare, a military pension is an entitlement. Entitlements are things you work for and have earned. Therefore, you are entitled to them.


    • I understand the distinction, and agree with you. The distinction here is that many people believe SSDI is something to which they are ‘entitled’ – even beyond what they may have ‘put in’ over the years.


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