First, you can’t always choose your battles.

Second, we are in, at the very least, the fourth decade of a cultural war that has its roots in the social justice ideals of JS Mill. You could quite reasonably argue that we are actually in its second century. The time for discourse is long over. There is literally nothing to discuss. Either all individuals and institutions are wholly given over to social justice, as Mill declared, or the war continues. Would-be fence sitting moderates (who, like all moderates, only shoot at the side they supposedly, nominally, support), are totally useless, yammering about the dire need for something that is both impossible and irrelevant.

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Please understand that we are in a cultural war in America.  I see an existential war for Liberty as the paradigm.

Anything goes in war – for if you lose, all is lost.  There are worse things than your personal death.

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