John Whitehead ponders the question, here.

Now examine and challenge the premise: Why would any parent tolerate a Police State for their children?  What sort of parent would allow a rattlesnake to live in a child’s bedroom?  If not a rattlesnake in the house, why armed and badged murderers outside the home where those children must pass?

Any parent in America who looks for ways to teach their children to survive in a Police State is guilty of perhaps the most unconscionable sins.  Instead of letting the threats to their children stand and grow stronger, only to be more entrenched when children begin staying out late with friends, go to college and enter the workforce – why would any parent not remove their children from the danger zone?  Why would any parent not begin treating the bipedal threats to their children the same way they’d treat the rattlesnake in the bedroom?

If you are teaching your children to navigate the Police State, you are failing as a parent.

We kill rattlesnakes in the bedroom.

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