The American Marxist Patriot: Welfare Lane


So, apparently Welfare Lane and his troll went to watch a Commie go into the dirt.

Below is his eulogy, written a while ago.  He had it posted on his site for a LONG time.  At one time Welfare Lane despised Commies and Communism – right up until the time he became one of those very parasites.  He hated Traitors – until he didn’t.

How’s that for Intellectual Honesty?

So ask yourselves – was he lying then, or is he lying now?  (One must wonder if Red Mikey did, in fact, “…drown in his own blood and mucus…” as Kenny hoped.)

Here’s the link.

From Welfare Lane Feb 9, 2014:

Mike Vanderboegh – Traitor

( 4462001176_759f30009a_o
Me and that bitch Mikey have been spatting off and on for the past couple weeks – actually it’s been going for a while longer than that – but lately he did a post about me on his site where he condemns me as a blind follower of Sam Kerodin and then goes on with the help of his commenters to insult me further.
Thank you, Mike. I consider Sam and his wife to be dear friends. Anybody that knows me will know that I’m hard to befriend and that it’s harder for me to trust anybody completely.
For an outsider and piece of shit like yourself to recognize that these are my friends and that I’m willing to die for them is huge, particularly a double traitor (once to your Nation and then again to your marxist subversive party) like yourself.
Mike, your blog was the first III Percenter blog that I ever read. I was fucking amazed that there were others out there that thought the same way I did. I read your blog daily.
Until you got busted for carrying a concealed weapon, that is. Here you were, screaming “Not one more inch” and then to avoid prosecution you went not one more inch but an entire fucking mile – you went and got a Concealed Carry permit. You fucking hypocrite. You, as a self proclaimed “Leader”, should practice what you preach.
It did provide me with some amusement though. When you wrote a comment explaining your actions, you had a commenter that actually said something along the lines “It wasn’t your time to be martyred, Mike. Thank God you’re all right.”
Martyred? Are you fucking kidding me? Not only do you believe you’re Jesus Christ incarnated but apparently some of your readers do too.
I still went back to your site occasionally – I enjoyed your ‘Praxis’ columns especially. Then one day I read on a little further and saw one that you had written stated your past, that you were a marxist and not only that but an active marxist. You helped in the planning of acts of violence against the American people. You helped to supply weapons for these acts. You were a fucking traitor to your Nation. A traitor to your Nation…..
Let me tell you something, motherfucker. If you were a traitor before, you can become one again. So you wonder what I base that reasoning on? It’s because you have no fucking values.
What truly amazes me is that you have a large amount of followers that were Vietnam vets. If you mention the name of Jane Fonda to them they will be the first to denounce her for her thoughts, politics and actions, yet they worship the ground you walk on.
What you did was far worse than what Fonda did. She was merely a propaganda tool. Your actively took part in an effort to destroy this Nation. You influenced young minds. You encouraged them to continue their ways. You were worse than Fonda ever dreamed to be but now you expect to be forgiven because you changed your ways.
That doesn’t mean shit to me because if you’ve changed them once before, you’ll change them again.
Not only did you betray your Nation, you have done your damnedest to discredit other Patriots in their endeavors to achieve happiness and Freedom. You have lied about them, you have slandered them and you have attacked their wives and associates online. Why? Because you weren’t getting any credit for it.
So now it’s my understanding that you’re dying of cancer. I watched my beloved father die of cancer. Unlike your cowardly ass, his was the result of Agent Orange, exposed to it while serving his Nation, not attempting to destroy it.
But I stayed at his bedside, holding his hand, doing my best to help ease him into his Savior’s arms. It was hard, listening to him fight his final battle, hearing his breath rattle in his throat and I prayed for a quick, merciful ending.
But you, Mikey? I hope you die a long drawn out death. I hope like hell you drown in your own blood and mucus. I hope you pay for your crimes, your treachery and your evil deeds.
Fuck you.
Oh, wait. I almost forgot to include this clip of one of your followers heaving a rock
through the window of a democratic headquarters window at your command.
Gif mikey
Kenny Lane
Ceres, CA.
FOCKer of the nth degree.

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